Near Otranto a seaside town one the jewels of Adriatic Sea called The East Door along one of the most beautiful beach in Salento coast from Baia dei Turchi until Alimini's beach located beetwen an ancient country roads, the Sea smell and Mediterranean bush, Masseria Muzza will attend you. 

The Masseria is an  ancient building with the heart dated on 17th century.

Its extension is among two hectares of land with a central court were where located the rural houses the stables and the sheepfolds. 

All around a drywall fences. The Masseria told an ancient history dedicated to sheep and rural lifestyle. All around a Mediterranean bush. 

A careful restoration in total respect of tradition and original materials had transformed the ancient and old Masseria in a chic and exclusive hotel where In and Out are well mixed the high tech and the old traitions have been created a charming combination among the Salento and Puglia lifestyle passing trought the high standard of five stars hotel.

At the arrival the guests will be impressed by the total white of the central building. 

Plugged in perfect harmony witjh the green of pinewoods and Mediterranean bush. 

But that who leave without wind is the horizon along the perimeter marvellous mirror of water is the smallest Alimini's lakes. A protected oasi.

Everyday mother nature present us a magician sunset that everybody will came back at home for never forgot our land. The marvellous Salento.